Press Mentions

Bomoda has established itself as a thought leader on the global Chinese consumer and is a frequent speaker on its growing influence within the international retail market.

Luxury rings in Chinese New Year with gifting ideas, festive activities

Bomoda CEO Brian Buchwald said Chinese New Year still hold significant importance for retailers and luxury brands as Chinese consumers spent money in three ways for the holidays.

Jan 27 2017

Famous Faces Rule China’s Activewear Market

Bomoda CEO Brian Buchwald and Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Roth state that western titans rule China’s activewear market by leveraging local brand ambassadors and influencers based on large-scale analysis.

Jan 27 2017

Breaking the internet, Chinese style

Bomoda CEO Buchwald names a number of “meta-statistics” that Bomoda uses to assess KOLs: “increase in popularity, increase in purchase intent, growth in transactions, growth of high-quality followers, longevity of KOL effect”.

Nov 17 2016
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